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Polytij ink is a new ink category – polymer thermal inkjet technology.

POLYtij ink has been designed specifically for printing “use-by” and “batch codes” on non-porous primary packaging, and will enable you to print onto glass, metals (tin & stainless steel), and a wide range of plastics from PET, PP, PE films, and hard plastics such as HDPE, PET, and PVC used in the packaging industry globally.

Key features of POLYtij ink:

  • Superior dry times of less than one (1) second
  • Big throw distances (5-12mm)
  • Excellent long-term printhead recovery
  • High adhesion
  • High rub resistance
  • Excellent printhead recovery time

We have also recently released new colours : pigmented white & yellow, and also dye-based colours red & blue. These new colours will greatly expand the market applications of polymer thermal inkjet technology.

Importantly, we adopt a complete system integraton approach to solving your non-porous inkjet printing problems. We work with you to ensure that you optimise the adhesion, rub resistance and optical density of your printed messages.

POLYtij ink technology finally offers industrial thermal inkjet users the ability to target new frontiers for HP and Funai Lexmark thermal inkjet technology.