POLYtij® S3 Multi (6 Head) Printer

Quick Overview

The POLYtij S3 Multi (6 head) Printer can print onto most porous and non-porous substrates available in the packaging industry today.

Product Description

The POLYtij S3 1-6 printers can print onto most porous and non porous substrates available in the world packaging industry today. Combined with amazing features such as the ability to print from one (1) up to six (6) printheads, a 7” full touch colour screen, smart detect external devices, stand alone or PC multiprinters control, the POLYtij S3 1-6 printer offers exceptional value for money from this fully featured inkjet printer.


  • Maximum Printable Height 3”
  • Independent Controller
  • Independent Printhead
  • Flexible team or group setting
  • Ary Settings