NANOtij® Ink Cartridges

Quick Overview

NANOtij is a nano pigmented, aqueous ink with yields of deep, rich outputs that don’t smudge and offers the highest density formula available which ensures high saves on ink consumption. Yields up to 4 times more than standard dye-based inks.

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Product Description

NANOtij is highly resistant to fading, smearing and chemical altercations which makes it ideal for barcoding on porous substrates such as kraft paper, cardboard and various coated papers. Ideal for mailing, packaging applications and ticketing applications with a max print speed of 500k drops/second.

Technical Specifications

  • Applications: Precision marking ideal for mailing, packaging and ticketing
  • Colour: Black
  • Print cartridge type: HP 45A
  • Decap Time: 45 minutes
  • Resolution: Up to 600 dpi (recommended 300 x 400 dpi)
  • Print swath: 12.7 mm (0.5 in)
  • Throw distance: 1-2mm
  • Pulse width: 1.8us

NANOtij® Material Safety Datasheet