DYEtij® Ink

DYEtij® Ink Cartridges

Quick Overview

DYEtij® inks offer the ability to print on a range of porous substrates such as paper & cardboard in a range of colours such as red, green & blue.

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Product Description

An aqueous ink suitable for traceability coding in high output industrial application designed for porous substrates such as cardboard and paper, offering exceptionally high optical density with pin-point precision marking for excellent barcode readability in mailing and packaging applications with a drying time of up to 5 seconds and a maximum print speed of 200ft / linear minute.

Technical Specifications

  • Applications: Packaging, mailing & ticket printing
  • Colour: Black, Red, Blue & Green
  • Print cartridge type: HP 45A optimized for porous capabilities
  • Decap Time: 30 minutes
  • Resolution: Up to 600 dpi (recommended 300 x 400 dpi)
  • Print swath: 12.7 mm (0.5 in)
  • Throw distance: Up to 3 mm, recommended 1mm
  • Pulse width: 1.9us


DYEtij® Material Safety Datasheet