POLYtij® Ink Technology

POLYtij® ink technology is a new ink category – polymer thermal inkjet technology, which offers industrial thermal inkjet users the ability to continuously OR intermittently print on most non-porous substrates used in the global packaging industry today. Importantly, we talk about dry times of less than one (1) second, high adhesion, and rub resistance for POLYtij® ink technology.

Polymer thermal inkjet technology has been proven to work on most plastics, metal and even glass, making it a genuine alternative for CIJ and TTO applications. We offer a complete range of inks: POLYtij®, NANOtij®, DYEtij® and FOODTij® enabling thermal inkjet printer users to cater to most industrial porous and non-porous applications.

Video: POLYtrust® Edible Ink

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